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    tu scarichi egli/ella scarica noi scarichiamo voi scaricate essi/esse scaricano. Indicativo imperfetto. io scaricavo tu scaricavi egli/ella scaricava noi scaricavamo. Conjugate the Italian verb scaricare: indicative, congiuntivo, condizionale, passato prossimo, auxiliary essere, avere. Translate scaricare in context, with. Scaricare - Verb conjugation in Italian. Learn how to conjugate scaricare in various tenses. Present: io scarico, tu scarichi, egli scarica. Verbo "scaricare" - coniugazione verbi italiani. Conjugation of have (Export PDF). italianoVerbo "scaricare". Infinito. italiano. scaricare. Indicativo presente.

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    Dove vuole che scarichi la merce?

    Where do you want the supplies unloaded? Niente mi renderebbe piu' felice di te che finalmente scarichi quel perdente. Nothing would make me happier than if you finally unloaded this loser.

    Azari unloads his pistol into Carlson. E Ciclope scarica un attacco laser devastante, bruciando la faccia della Strega Stronza! And Cyclops unloads a devastating laser beam attack, scorching the face of Witch Bitch!

    Molto più che documenti.

    Erano, tipo, le 4 del pomeriggio, questo tizio arriva con una Cutlass nera, - e mi scarica addosso dei colpi. It was like in the afternoon, and this dude rolls up in a black Cutlass, just unloads on me. Finche' non lo scarica.

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    Meaning of "scaricare" in the Italian dictionary

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    For many years she taught Italian language, literature, and culture at several universities, including The University of Arizona, Wesleyan University, and Dartmouth College. She also directed the Italian language and study abroad programs at some of these.

    List of the most common regular and irregular Italian verbs

    In her spare time, Teresa likes to cook and read. She lives in Fairfield, Connecticut, with her daughter, her husband, Toby the dog, and Mittens and Governor the cats. The family spends every summer in Ravenna, Italy. After her university studies in linguistics and Spanish and English language and literature, Francesca Romana Onofri lived several years abroad to better her understanding of the cultures and languages of different countries.

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